Pure Bathe Bliss

Lay back and calm your senses in a luxurious hydro bath.


Slimming Bath 30min €25.00
Relax and enjoy the soothing and moisturizing effects of this creamy seaweed and sea water bath which reproduces the benefits of a rejuvenating soak in the sea. Rich in seaweed which is adundant in minerals it replenishes, renews the bodies energies and aids in slimming leaving your
skin as soft as silk.

Aromatherapy Crysal Bath 30min €25.00
Feel your stress and tension melt away as you lay back in a bath with natural mineral crystals enriched with pure essential oils. Choose from calming lavender, refreshing mandarin or sensual ylang-ylang. The essential oils help to stimulate circulation, soothe muscles and nourish the skin.

A Dip in the Ocean 30min €25.00
Immerse yourself in an ocean of mineral bath salts from the dead sea. Rich with seaweed extracts which will relax the body and soothe the mind as well as softening and revitalising the skin. For an ultimate bathing experience choose from revitalising apricot, purifying citrus blossom or
calming lavender.

Deluxe Underwater Massage Bath 30min €30.00
Relax and unwind with a therapeutic hydrotherapy bath. An underwater hand held hose gently massages your body to help cleanse and improve your immune system, relieve stress and tension and soothe the body of aches and pains. Feel the warm water massage every inch of your body,
while natural extracts condition your skin, mind and soul.

Serenity Bathing Ritual 75min €65.00
For the ultimate indulgence, our bathing ritual begins with a luxurious soak in a hydrotherapy bath infused with natural mineral bath crystals and essential oils. After your mesmorising soak a full body relaxing massage follows easing out all the stress and tensions as you lay back and calm
your senses.
*Enhance your bathing experience with a body exfoliation 15min €15.00
*Enhance your massage with a relaxing bath therapy